You found us! We've been here all along. We're HEALY | BENDER. Leaders in Practical, Cost-Conscious, Community-Minded Architectural Design Solutions.

Founded in 1935, Healy, Bender & Associates, Inc. is a full service architectural design firm. We specialize in the design of projects for educational, worship, municipal and commercial facilities. We are recognized leaders in functional, award-winning facilities.

Our professionals strive to provide an appropriate balance between aesthetic, technical, economic, and functional requirements. Although each project we design is specific to the unique requirements of our clients and their budgets - we still work tirelessly to provide consistent quality and exceptional solutions for each of them.

We have extensive experience in new construction, renovations, expansions, and adaptive reuse projects. We are proud to work on some of the most advanced public and institutional projects being built today; ranging from small-scale commercial developments to major public works projects and multi-building campuses.

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Today, more than ever, the world needs great teachers, leaders, optimists, builders and architects

Imagine if the world were full of pessimists, all planning for the worst. We'd probably be living and working underground. We'd be working in buildings without windows, in solid concrete boxes without physical connection to the outside. Places would look the same and there would be no diversity. Our schools, churches, and public places wouldn't be happy environments and that’s a world nobody wants to be part of. We need to be safe and smart about how we build, but not to the detriment of creating environments that prevent us from being human.

The world is changing but one thing is certain - we won't survive an unknown future without being optimistic. Architects, like great teachers and leaders, are natural born optimists. Think of a place where you have been the happiest, felt at ease with yourself and your surroundings, where you felt a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  More than likely an architect or planner was involved.  We're place makers. We're problem solvers.  We design spaces built to be useful, safe, comfortable, efficient, all with sensitivity and beauty in mind. All in effort to exhibit the vibrancy of our communities. No one else makes this their ultimate goal.

Let's Build Great Places. Together.